Young teacher dating former student

I also appreciate it when the sub is flexible and will continue a subject if they did not finish it and not just stop and move to the next subject.I also like it when the sub leaves a note stating which students gave her trouble since I tell my students I expect them to be quiet and listen.I've found that the kids generally sit whereever they want when the sub is there, instead of assigned seats...making my seating chart worthless to the sub.I appreciate when a substitute follows the plans as I have them.Just one friendly, approachable person can make a big difference to a sub.If the sub feels supported, then he/she will be better able to make the school day productive for the students.I do let the students know the consequence if they do not listen.

With only 200 minutes of instruction per week, class time is very precious.

They deserve all the consideration and respect we can give them. I used to substitute-teach, and I also taught full-time, but that was a decade ago.

Also, I have that "conversation" with my students about my behavioral expectations for them when a substitute is their teacher. I went back to school for my Master's (chemistry) and worked in chemistry labs and restaurants since then. I wanted to know what teachers expect from their substitutes; approaches to education have changed, the technology is changing very quickly, and this is a new generation of students (to me at least). I do expect the sub to be able to handle small problems like talking or moving students around if they bother other people.

I have seen substitute teachers in our teachers lounge sitting by themselves - I always go over and introduce myself and ask them how their day is going, etc.

Substitute teachers do such a great service for so little money!

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