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And I remember specifically when I was younger one time, my father, who’s kind of darker complected, he’s half-Filipino, we were in the parking lot of a Walmart and some strangers yelled out the N-word at him.

So the town I’m from, Harrison, Arkansas, there’s an active KKK outside of the town.

After some initial conversation and flirtation, the extortionist invites the man to his ‘home’ for sex.

Upon reaching, and sometimes after engaging in preliminary making-out, the man finds out that the tables have been abruptly turned, and the extortionist makes him hand over money, jewellery, or fetch additional money.

Ok, after reading through all those comments, parents need to get educated.

However, please remember that you can still take action against your extortionists.

He specifically told me that it wouldn’t always be like that and that I needed to kind of follow wherever my gut was leading me to go where there were more people like me.

Fast forward to I’m in high school and all with my girlfriends and they’re kind of crying over their relationship woes and the dramas that entailed that, and I remember kind of oddly feeling jealous because it was just something that I wasn’t able to experience and didn’t know what was like. I graduate high school and my mom was kind of trying to convince me to stay behind in Harrison and go to the community college there.

The extortionist uses threats to ‘out’ the often-closeted gay/ bi man to his family, employer and/ or college to get the man to give him money.

He might also have come into possession of photographs of the man he is luring, and threatens him with widespread ‘out’-ing on the internet.

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