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ABOUT TIME: New DNA tests have bolstered the defense of Dr.Sam Sheppard whose claims that he was falsely accused of his wife's murder inspired The Fugitive TV show and movie.TKO: Mike Tyson slapped a 0 million lawsuit on Don King Thursday, alleging the promoter bilked the boxer out of millions of dollars over the past decade-plus. RAGING BULL: Robert De Niro has sued the French judge who hauled him in for questioning last month in a prostitution-ring case.FOSTER MOM: Jodie Foster is pregnant, the Oscar-winner confirms to gossip maven Liz Smith. A "witch hunt," the angry actor calls the judge's probe.

I think the answer lies in the kind of love we possess for another. We love the greens and mountains and mist more than the blue-y beach.I thought it was splendid since I, myself is a hopeless nostalgic. It's a "very, very amicable" split, says QT's publicist. pop album charts again--for the eighth consecutive week.OH, MY: Jerry Springer's WWF-esque talk show wrested the No. Big shake-ups at Melrose Place next season will see Josie Bissett return and original resident Andrew Shue depart. If the M One wants another baby, she should find a "gang-member-type guy," write a check and bed him--you know, like last time, Rush says. ULTIMATE SOUVENIR: A 170-carat sapphire replica of "Heart of the Sea," the bejeweled costar of Titanic, will be auctioned at a British charity auction. CONGENIALITY: Screenwriter-producer Joe Eszterhas says he's accepting, in advance, all Worst Film of the Year honors for his bomb, Burn Hollywood Burn: An Alan Smithee Film.

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