Wsus clients not updating from wsus server

All you want is for your clients to report their current status into WSUS on demand. And I swear I've read every single one of them and tried every single suggestion. But despite having tried everything, you're at at a loss. If you google "force wsus client to check in to wsus server", you'll see almost 300,000 results.out of 141 connected machine there are only 3 machines found reporting the rest are none.We've been tried on downgrading and still machines are not reporting.Just a note: there’s a typo in the post: it says “wuault /reportnow” annd it shuld be “wuauclt /reportnow”. Here is the pseudo code to do that: $Computers = (Get-ADComputers -Filter *)For Each $Computer in $Computers) You’d want to add in some error handling and ping tests to speed it up and you’ll need to specify the path where your lives. I’ve refreshed my entire environment lots of times using this technique. I’ve set my IIS to the best practices except that I followed the instruction saying I should leave it at 4GB Ram.. If it doesn’t then that’s your issue and your WSUS server is not configured properly 2) Verify your GPO is applying properly and is pointing to the correct server by running this command on one of your clients reg query “HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows\Windows Update” 3) Copy and paste whatever name is returned there into your telnet command to make sure DNS is resolving properly. That could cause some people problems, for example if they are using set-strictmode. This web site seems to explain the Search method and what goes into the criteria area, though I didn’t really understand it or look that hard. I didn’t have the problem with getting an error when creating the COM object. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Category Info : Operation Stopped: (:) [], COMException Fully Qualified Error Id : System. Awesome, that works! Here’s a minimal version assuming that that will work (and only using /reportnow): Function Force-WSUSCheckin($Computer) And yes, you do need the null value in the Search($criteria) method. Getting errors from psexec : Exception from HRESULT: 0x8024401C At C:\Temp\force-WSUSCheckin-from-list.ps1:9 char:4 & c:\temp\-s \$Computer -Execution Polic … ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Category Info : Not Specified: (Exception from HRESULT: 0x8024401C: String) [], Remote Exception Fully Qualified Error Id : Native Command Error At line:1 char:59 …

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But if you run the command above first, then it works.

Hi, I'd like to ask if someone of you here encounter of WSUS issues that clients cannot get an update from WSUS Server(Windows Server 2k8 r2).

Lately, we encounter error connection on our WSUS Server (running on Windows Server 2k8 r2 Standard).

the re installation was successful wsus services is working fine again(on Windows Server 2008 R2 Std.) and then we were about to deploy the wsus running on windows 2008.

what we have noticed is that client can't get updates from our WSUS Services on Server 2008 r2 Std.

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