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Leading most people to believe that this is a legit “New Dad” announcement, the numerous celebrity comments and well-wishes he received online. ” while fellow artist Sammie wrote, “Legacy.” DJ E Feezy spoke for many people when he wrote “When life catches you off guard literally lol. ” Seemingly cementing the baby news as real, his ex Lori Harvey wrote, “Aww that little foot. ”Perhaps, the most important clue that this is not a late April Fool’s joke, the fact that Trey Songz’s own mother, April Tucker, commented on the photo.

While her instagram account @amgt is private, she left a message on her son’s sweet photo with a series or loving emojis: a baby, blue heart and the face covered in hearts.

The Twitterverse also lit up with questions and comments.

While some users were heartbroken, complaining that they weren’t the baby mama, some still in denial that the baby is actually his, and many merely relaying their imminent shock at the news.

His singing talent has acquired him many awards too.

Therefore, it can be said with an ease that the main source of income for Trey Songz is his singing.

The speculation as to whether the baby boy featured was actually his new son, a nephew, or perhaps, just a friend’s baby, instantly blew up his feed.

At the time, there were rumors that Songz had an affair with porn star Brittney Jones while dating Harvey, and that he got the adult film actress pregnant.Trey Songz is one of the richest singers in the industry. He has worked very hard in the music industry to achieve this status.Some sources claim that the net worth of Trey Songz is Million.He is also a Television actor and has done shows like Queen of Media, Lincoln Heights, and Baggage Claim.These television projects have also added to his net worth making him richer.

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