Who is malinda williams dating

I had developed this bald spot in the back of my hair because I was stressed and I didn’t even know it was stress.

In 2003 Malinda did an interview with Honey Magazine to let the world know that Mekhi was having a LOT of trouble keeping his manhood in his pants when she wasn’t around, if you know what I mean…basically she said implied that he was gettin’ busy with women left and right and living the “Single Life” like Cameo during their union.

“[I wasn’t cheating] the whole time but you know we were only married for less than a year.”“There was a point where because I bought us a house and we were living on opposite sides of the house.

We were technically married but you’re going two or three days living in the house and you aren’t even talking to, you talking about walking up and down the stairs past each other and you aren’t even talking.”“I was kind of relieved.

You want to do the right thing – what society deems as being the right thing. I’m a mover and a shaker – a king.“I didn’t want to be home anymore.

She wanted a structured family lifestyle that she was used to growing up. We had nothing to talk about because she didn’t know the people I knew. You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Now Mekhi says he and Malinda are now in a much better space and when he did an interview with The Breakfast Club in 2014, he also indirectly finally admitted to cheating, just like Malinda said he was doing in her 2003 interview: “I can’t front arguing at home and going through all of that because we were both young and with both our A-type personalities—but we’re really good peoples now.

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