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He wants to set the stage for something he wants to share, without Eddie or anyone else interfering.

Austin wants to tell her how he feels, but just as he’s about to tell her he loves her ..

so he knows what a tough guy looks like and that’s not Moose. On this day, Taya will defend her title against someone big. They laugh as the Desi Hit Squad struggle with life on the farm.

He reels off a long list of titles, proving his credibility as a champion. After the win, she will return to Slam Town to ride out the last two days drinking champagne with her husband.– We’re on The Deaner’s farm, chickens and all. Gama Singh is sitting backwards on a horse, asking where its head is.

They’re coddling Cage and giving him everything he wants.

He doesn’t care if Cage is crippled, Impact need to do what’s right.

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But at the end of the day, he would prefer to beat Cage one-on-one so he can make history.

He’s giving management a deadline of one more week, for Cage to show up and give him some answers. o Ve are gonna cause more chaos than they ever have before.

Like it or not, Callihan will become the face of Impact Wrestling. x3Josh was hoping it would be Tenille Dashwood as her opponent. Dashwood dropkicks him in the face for interfering. Tenille holds up the Knockouts Championship, showing her intentions in Impact Wrestling.

He thanks Impact for the opportunity, and explains how the feud came to be.

During a conversation on Twitter with Brian Cage, Moose responded angrily to him.

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