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Additionally, she led the research of Macaws, long-tailed colorful parrots, at the Tambopata Research Center located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest in Peru, and currently serves in the position of the Marketing Chair for the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (AEMV). is a member of both the American Veterinary Medical Association and the Association of Avian Veterinarians, helping to increase further her net worth. Lauren Thielen’s life completely changed in 2014, when she joined the cast of the documentary reality TV series “Dr. She has long wavy honey brown hair and blue colored eyes.However, information about her height, weight, and vital statistics are still hidden from the public.Lauren Thielen was born on 3 August 1987, in Fort Worth, Texas USA, so is currently aged 31. #lemur #ringtailedlemur #worldlemurday #primate #ringtail #beautiful #endangered #adorable #oneofmyfavs #special #veterinarian #vetlife #veterinary #exoticvet #exoticpet #exoticpets #Drkexoticvet #natgeowild A post shared by Dr.

This keeps Trump’s actual supporters waiting outside and leaves him speaking to arenas full of empty seats! If this happens, it could start emitting carbon -- the major driver of climate change.

Skipper and Ping, both male king penguins, have shown prior interest in parenting, trying to hatch stones and fish in the past. pic.twitter.com/R4UC2j Alnm Glyphosate herbicides kill milkweed, monarch butterflies' only food source.

cnn.it/31Hsm Ds pic.twitter.com/1n Ne Ol WJQm The president of the United States just convinced Netanyahu to ban the first two Muslim women democratically elected to the U. As the use of these herbicides has skyrocketed, the monarch butterfly population has declined by more than 80% in the last 20 years.

In addition to her involvement in the entertainment industry as a reality TV star, Dr.

Lauren Thielen is also an active member on several of the most popular social media sites, which she uses not only to promote her job, but also to share her love for animals with her fans.

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