Who is lamman rucker dating 2016

Our relationship wasn’t as glamorous as you might think.There wasn’t a paparazzi or limousine driver accompanying us on our first date. (Smile)Lamman: I think one of the components of ultimate fulfillment is partnership.He is currently single and enjoying his bachelor life with his beloved family. This dusky handsome hunk is one of the tallest actors in America with perfect height and weight ratio.Lamman Rucker is 6.3 feet high, which is a perfect height for an actor in American acting industry.He transferred to attend Duke Ellington School of the Arts.and after matriculating went to Carnegie-Mellon University, and then Duquesne University.

Little did I know, years later we would meet again. Although I had seen him over the years, I still pictured him as my high school sweetheart and prom date—not a grown man with a career and countless female fans. Lamman: As you mature, you have new goals—grown ass man goals.

Aside from his television career, he has also worked in numerous super hit films in Hollywood film industry.

This versatile actor is currently working in a super hit television show Greenleaf, in which he is playing the role of Jacob Greenleaf.

Lamman is an actor, best known for appearing in various daytime soap operas such as “All My Children” and “As the World Turns.

He’s also been a part of numerous Tyler Perry films. He appeared in many child pageants, and had a very supportive family.

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