Who is john cena dating june 2016

"You can love someone and not be happy, or love them and feel stressed about problems you have with them," Cobb says, adding that the change in Cena's face is dramatic.

Bella's upper-body language suggests she's more into the embrace on the left: She leans her right shoulder into Cena's chest, as you can tell from the way her right shoulder dips subtly and her left is slightly raised, Cobb notices.

Whether he remembered something funny, spotted an OTT fan, or is feeling particularly in love, his dimples, the curved corners of his mouth, and eye creases don't lie: He's happy in the moment, Cobb says.

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When you close your eyes during a kiss, as Bella did when she and Cena were just dating in the left-hand photo above, "you're really absorbing the moment and feeling connected to your partner," Cobb says.

Bella appears to be savoring their time together — she even may be visualizing love, excitement, and happiness, as people often do during closed-eye kissing, according to Cobb.

In the second photo, though, Bella's eyes are open. In the photo on the left, Bella welcomes Cena's touch by wrapping her hand around his and tucking her fingers into his palm to maximize skin contact.

The extruding veins in her forearm and wrist suggest she even may be engaging her muscles to pull her partner closer, Cobb says, noting that this grasp is proof of a mutual connection.

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