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I think that was because he was a whack fat white dude and she could not wait to take his paper and bounce. I want to smash for the culture but I'm not paying this bi*ch more then 0. I want to smash for the culture but I'm not paying this bi*ch more then 0. I agree with you on that d*ck her down right stuff.

Regardless, if you pay the tax I believe she is still always down and there is no recording. That dude said that as soon as he busted she was out the door.

This decision is believed to be purely to try and get himself out of paying millions of dollars.

50 Cent’s net worth is estimated to be million, which is a huge drop from last year, when his net worth was declared at 0 million by Forbes.

He was supposed to be promoting his upcoming album , but we all know these radio interviews never go as planned. It’s been a consistent whooping that she’s taken watching me continue to be successful when she feels like she’s responsible for the success.” Am I the only one who thinks that him and Vivica should try to reconnect and make it happen?

When she passed away, he moved to live with his grandparents. He would go out into the streets and spend time slinging narcotics whilst his grandmother though he was participating in after school programs.

50’s been arrested multiple times; the first being when he made the mistake of bringing drugs, drug money and his gun into school. Jackson was arrested twice more; once for selling cocaine to an undercover police officer, and the second illegal substances and a firearm in his home.

Real talk, I only met her the one time in public but she was cool. I always wanted to smash her but never did because I never met her on the humble and my friend who was doing pr0n did not know her to hook it up. I want to smash for the culture but I'm not paying this bi*ch more then 0.

Since I did not have the hook up I was not paying the tax. Edit: Actually, I hope that does not get me banned. Plus i know if I d*ck her down right she is gonna forget that Tax sh*t and let me hit for free.

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