White woman dating america american male

A majority of who I am today was developed while traveling during these formative years; it was a very difficult and challenging time — having to adapt quickly into two very different opposing cultures and lifestyles.

I went to an international school where I met many other multinational kids, and I remember being so inspired.

How do you share with someone whose family has been in this country for generations, who looks like an “American,” whose parents’ native language is English, what it means to have become an American, like, yesterday?

Meet our dear Mash-Up Duane Fernandez, first-generation Danish-Filipino-American, who shares what it’s like being married to a white woman: the marvelous Rebecca Fernandez, nee Parks, an American Southern lady with roots in English and Native American cultures. Duane Fernandez: I am a first-generation American, born into a very “I Love Lucy” style family.

Hollywood is finally beginning to tell meaningful stories by and about people of color—from TV shows such as ABC’s But many of these stories have provoked strong reactions from audiences critical of characters of color having white love interests.“Why are brown men so infatuated with White women onscreen? “By earning white love,” we’re told in another think piece, a nonwhite character “gains acceptance in a society that has thwarted them from the very beginning.” In the hit US network show , the love triangle between the indomitable Olivia Pope and two powerful white men has been subject to intense scrutiny over the last five years, with some now having to defend Pope (who is literally portrayed as the de facto leader of the free world) from accusations that the show reduces her to “a white man’s whore.”Real people have also faced harsh criticism for their romantic choices.

When tennis star Serena Williams, a black woman and arguably the greatest athlete of our time, announced her engagement to Alexis Ohanian, the white co-founder and executive chairman of Reddit, she was hit by a furious backlash.

His reply—”no, I don’t think they’d care”—filled me with dread.

There have been a few times where we see something or hear a story of racism and I share a personal story with Rebecca and it surprises her that I’ve experienced something like that, that people are so ignorant.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if my partner’s parents had objected to our relationship.

In fact, when I first set out to meet his white, British family, I asked if he had told them I was black.

My mother is from Denmark and my father is from the Philippines. My parents divorced when I was in elementary school and they coincidentally both wanted to return to their native land.

A few years later, I found myself living in Denmark and then the Philippines.

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