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The more you can learn about how websites work, the safer and more effective you will be.

Here's a point which we make repeatedly throughout our tutorials: The single best thing you can do to be more proficient at working with websites is to learn HTML!

I am working on a system that has a bunch of sensors communicating with a linux machine.

I need to make a web interface for this to display status of sensors and automatically update them when the status of any of the sensors changes(or just automatically update them every few seconds). What are the options for pushing the sensor data to the web browser automatically or even by continuously requesting the data?

The thing that many people don't understand is this: The tools you use to edit your website are less important than the skills to use them.

Many people make the mistake of asking "What tools do I need to edit my site? It will often take you longer and might be more dangerous than having a professional do the job.

Some Web pages do not have static text, but rather automatically update even while you are viewing them.

B) Pushing Data with a js server Data can be push to the browser instead of pulling it.

For that you need a server based on protocol like Comet.

Check this project for more information In your case, if you/your company can afford it, I'd recommend Wt.

Note that the icon only appears when you visit a page that uses automatic refreshing.

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