Vocabulary dating exercise

Exercise Number: 2R8 The Circus: Superlatives and Comparatives A reading about a circus and some true/false questions - and good practice of comparatives and superlatives too.Exercise Number: 2R9 Black Hollywood Read this movie review about an exciting film.The church must be booked, the service has to be chosen, flowers arranged and so on.Other arrangements (for both traditional and civil) are to draw up a guest list, send out invitations, book a reception venue (for after the ceremony), choose bridesmaids (the girls who traditionally accompany the bride in the church) and the best man (the bridegroom’s friend who accompanies him to the ceremony), buy the wedding dress, arrange a honeymoon (the holiday after the wedding), compile a wedding list (a list of presents that guests can choose to buy the couple) and of course, to select the wedding ring(s).

(There are other ceremonies for different religions.) If the couple chooses a church service, the planning can become quite complex. Traditionally the man goes down on one knee to pop the question. It is customary for the man to buy his fiancee an engagement ring, most commonly a diamond ring.Engagements can last for years, and if neither of the couple breaks off the engagement, the next step is marriage.Vocabulary Definition Quiz Read the definitions of words used in the text.Exercise Number: 2R10 Reading Comprehension Multiple Choice Answer these multiple choice questions about the text.

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