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"Research shows that people who text are likely to get into bed faster," Ward says."The reality is that there is longitudinal data to support Sales' anecdotal references."The real issue is that "technology has created a form of digital intimacy," Ward says.Ward shares his three best strategies for mobile dating success:1. "If you want them to ask you out—ask them when they plan on asking you out," Ward says."Here's the thing: women complain about getting matched with guys who don't say anything. Don't wander around puzzled and completely bewildered—ask good questions."2. "If there are deal-breakers, get them out of the way," Ward says.We are at a point in time that's so microcosmic and so profound—the tech shift has infused every aspect of our lives and every single tier of Maslow's hierarchy—even something as simple as sex.Even our sociological views are changing—Amnesty International just put out a statement for sex work to be decriminalized globally. And in 2015 is there anything wrong with hookup culture?"If you hang out with stats geeks for long enough, one of them will probably utter the sentence, "The plural of anecdote is not data." This is a well-worn nerdism, but it reveals an important truth: When we consider our experiences and those of our friends and family, we're only getting a tiny chunk of the full story of humanity.In that town over there, or in that state on the other side of the country, things might be very, very different, and it would be a mistake to extrapolate from our little slice of the world.

So what's a woman looking for love online to do in light of all this?

VH1's "Love & Hip Hop" Reunion Show is now casting audience members Casting directors are now casting actors, models, and talent to work on the VH1 reunion special filming this Wednesday, June 12th in Atlanta,...

A VH1 summer series is now casting extras in Miami, Florida.

And women, by nature, are more programmed to find a suitor, to look for a suitable mate and partner with them—that's been bred into us for the past 15,000 years, and that's actually not phasing out because of the ephemerality of relationships and the rise of the short-term mating strategy.

It's the way people go into everything they do these days—they think that what they get themselves into, they can get themselves out of.

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