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In this case, I think the simplest solution is to validate these textboxes in the Save button's Click event handler, instead of validating the textboxes in their Validating event handler. None" above prevents the dialog box from closing & returning Dialog Result. Here's my code | | Private Sub Save() | For each c as control in Me. Of course, you could include the code of validating these textboxes in a function and call this function in the Save button's Click event handler. If you have anything unclear, please feel free to let me know. None Exit For End If End If Next End Sub NOTE: This loop probably should be recursive to get controls within container controls, within other container controls... This exam objective covers the Error Provider control and various other input validation techniques. NET Framework adopts the Windows structured exception handling model. If you feel the need to create custom Exception classes to meet specific requirements of your application, you can derive from the Application Exception class.Every program must validate the data it receives before it proceeds with further data processing or storage.If you don't validate input, your application can represent a serious security hole on the system.The Validate event and the accompanying Causes Validate property are new to VB6 and give programmers a much-needed replacement for older, more cumbersome techniques of field validation.

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Issues of this nature are best handled working with a dedicated Microsoft Support Engineer by contacting Microsoft Customer Support Services (CSS) at

In this chapter I'll discuss the various techniques you can use to validate data and maintain the integrity of your application.

This isn't just a matter of ensuring that your application delivers the proper results.

A programmer can evaluate the state of the data at that point and react to any error in the data either by: Listing 5.4 illustrates the use of the Validate event procedure to perform validation and to decide whether or not to keep focus on the current control.

LISTING 5.4 USING THE VALIDATE EVENT PROCEDURE Private Sub txt Age_Validate(Cancel As Boolean) If Not Is Numeric(txt Age.

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