Validating social security number

You can see this expression in action below: Using the Social Security Administration’s Validation Service If you truly need a reliable method of handling Social Security Number validation, the Social Security Administration offers a service that will properly validate a number for you, however it may not always be free or very quick.

You can visit the following page for more information on using the services they provide: Validating a Social Security Number using the Social Security Number .

The number is issued to an individual by the Social Security Administration and primary purpose is to track individuals for the U. Social Security program, which can allocate benefits and is commonly referred to as a unique identifier for individuals within the United States for a variety of federal purposes. The Number Itself The number itself can be broken into three major components and appears in the following format (with or without dashes): You may notice a great deal of past-tense within the previous descriptions.

The United States is not the only country to use Social Security Numbers, but for demonstration purposes we will focus on validating U. This is because on June 25th, 2011, the Social Security Administration revised their assignment process to use a system of randomization that had the following changes: Validating the Number The previously mentioned "randomization act" made it significantly easier to use a mechanism such as a Regular Expression to handle validating Social Security Numbers.

However, you still can't just go throwing any values into there and expecting it to be valid as the Social Security Administration still has a few Social Security Numbers that are explicitly "off limits" as mentioned below.

2|0) # Don't allow "219-09-999" or "0" explicitly (?!

666|000|9\d)\d # Don't allow the SSN to begin with 666, 000 or anything between 900-999 - # Explicit dash (separating Area and Group numbers) (?!

As an individual, you may want to verify your own SSN to be sure that any applications you submit will not be held up.

In either case, the process is straightforward and must be completed carefully and accurately.

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