Usps updating address online

At times, the package does not get scanned into the shipping carrier’s system at any of the intermediary points.

Due to this circumstance, the USPS tracking will have no updates about the shipment and the customer would not be aware of the shipping status.

The NDI rates the percentage of addresses in a list that are deliverable.

Use the NDI to target the address elements you need to get the delivery -- and postage price -- you want.

Sometimes, due to several reasons, the tracking status would not have been updated on the site.

The USPS site shows a message “delivery status not updated” when people try to track their shipment.

For example, if you are targeting a specific 5-digit ZIP Code, look for an NDI of 100% for address element.

In case, if the shipping carrier has not scanned the mail piece due to some reason, then the latest shipping information will not be updated.

Read through this article to know more about the reasons for USPS Tracking not updating or not tracking status not available.

Using the US Postal Service tracking feature, you can track the status of your shipment from processing the mail to the final delivery.

The package travels from one location to another, during which the package gets scanned at all location or the intermediary place.

Once the scanning is done, USPS can update the shipping information on the online tracker.

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