Updating system with update ux steps Sudbury cam chat

Decide whether your system needs firmware update to the latest fix pack or upgrade to a new release based on the current levels installed on the system as obtained from View system information in the above section.Continue with downloading the ISO file if you want burn it to a DVD to proceed with the firmware update using the DVD media, orget the code to a remote FTP-enabled system to perform update using the FTP method.Here, the best practice is to select the latest available code (that is, the latest available version).Most of the fixes are added by IBM and your Power Systems server will be upgraded to the latest level.It verifies whether the system is ready for code update by performing the health check and if everything fine, we can proceed further. Power On/Off System, and make sure that the Current firmware boot side option is displayed as Permanent) and only then the Reject Fix option gets enabled and the operation can be performed.This operation copies the currently running level (permanent side) to the temporary side.Select the Change Licensed Internal Code option for the current release.

After selecting the IBM Service web site option, you will have a new web page opened, which will show you the available LIC level details.

Keeping the firmware up-to-date can help in attaining the maximum reliability and functionality from your systems.

We will be using this information in IBM Fix Central to obtain information on the latest firmware updates or upgrades available for the system and proceed with the firmware update or upgrade to newer release using the instructions described in the following sections.

This displays the LIC level on which the hypervisor and partition firmware were last restarted.

When concurrent LIC updates are performed, the activated level will change, but the platform IPL level will remain unchanged.

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