Updating dataset from datagrid

I would like to filter all entries with a text from a textbox, example: Text Box text = "Mr. I have a datatable as datasource of the datagridview. First of all, what is a "data source", the kind that can be attached to a "Data Grid View", what are they used for, and how can I use one?You can also change the Data Source of Binding Source and the binding will work fine. Data Source is a property of some controls (like Data Grid View) which is used for binding data to these Controls.

We will learn the following ways to bind a Data Grid View. Connecting a My SQL table to a Data Grid View control in C# Introduction Since I started coding in grade 7 or so, I have worked with many programming languages and so far C# remains my favourite. Here's an at-your-fingertips reference to some of the most common and useful things you can do with it.

There are many ways to improve its default configuration.

C# Data Grid View Sorting and Filtering The Data Grid View control is highly configurable and extensible, and it provides many properties, methods, and events to customize its appearance and behavior. NET The Data Grid View control provides a customizable table for displaying data.

But any data source That new control, the Data Grid View control, is the focus of this chapter. the second problem is that, after i reset the datasource so i can see the data, if i make changes to the grid or the bound 'details' controls the dataset doesn't get updated (not recognizing changes), yet the grid has the changes. I use the unique primary key in the datagridview as not visible so once the row is selected, i can get that integer and populate the textbox by using another database query. The following code example demonstrates how to bind a collection of objects to a Data Grid View control so that each object displays as a separate row.

Using a Binding Source to bind a list to a Data Grid View control. Data Source=Persons; //Persons is the collection dgw Persons. You are able to add a new column, even if the Data Grid View is bound to a specific datasource.

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