Updating character graphics for cataclysm

Definitely lessons learned though from this, for sure.__Wired.com: __We won't be able to go back to old world content post-.

That's the kind of stuff that we go back and do, and those are things we can do really quickly.

It will be something that will roll out slowly over time. We're going to have to go back and look at those achievements because certain things might not be available anymore and there are also going to be new things that we're going to want to add. (Old world achievements) will be converted to "Feats of Strength" (achievements that don't add points to your player score).

But we are planning to do a huge world event, so everyone will know the Cataclysm is coming. So if you have one, for instance, and we removed that from the game, we removed the ability to get it, but (in your list of achievements) it will just become a Feat of Strength.__Wired.com: __What about the points? They don't disappear, even though it becomes a Feat of Strength. Our goal is to give the Alliance a bestial monster-type of race, and we wanted to give the Horde something more Gnomish, like a smaller stature character because they didn't have that.

Some time after patch 3.3 and after (the Lich King) Arthas is defeated, you'll definitely see a giant world event that affects the Alliance and the Horde very, very much. It's probably going to last something like a month.

Something similar to the zombie invasion before Northrend.

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