Updating a treo 755p

Try making the call from an open area, a higher floor in your building, near a window, or outside.Use the Treo's speakerphone option or use a headset to move the signal away from your head, which can also obstruct signal, when you cannot change your physical location.The Palm Treo 755p Burgundy is a great phone for a lot of things.

Packing a comprehensive feature list, the program lets you send and receive Facebook messages, and respond to friend requests, receive News Feeds, change your status - and check your friends' status updates on the go - browse and search profiles, post messages to friends' walls, and send friend requests.A handy 'Contacts' tab aggregates all your friends phone numbers, letting you view your no-doubt impressively hefty list of chums and dial or text them directly.Best of all, the phone camera's can be used to snap pictures and then instantly upload them to your Facebook account, or select pictures already on your phone.Being able to browse your friends latest pictures in full screen glory - or seeing where your ugly mug has just been tagged when you're out and about - is a heap of fun, and the program adds great value to Palm's remarkable little Centro handset.Welcome to Dave's PDA Place, your comprehensive PDA information source.

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