True confessions of an internet dating addict

If you understand Porn addiction on this basis then you’re of a better understanding to either help yourself or help others that need it.

I doubt Bob or Mary want to sneak out of the Married household bed to rub one out at the new nightly updates on their favourite sex channel, but the fact of the matter is addiction is a powerful drug.

How many hoops do you think they will jump through to feed their adrenaline? And doing this regularly, for most of their adult lives creates a very, very self-centric attitude to life. I was an alcoholic too, but I just didn’t quit alcohol, I found something else to compensate. Whilst not a great swap, I certainly won’t be sending myself to an early grave anytime soon.

Don’t worry if this is you, I’ve been there, and I’ve came out of it smiling at the other end. So, the aim of Porn addiction isn’t to squash them into submission which doesn’t do anyone good, it would be to shift their focus.

I’m not too sure what it’s like for children now but certainly, in my youth, I had to use my imagination — the memory of the girl on the bus was enough for me at 13, or 14, why can’t it be now? Sometimes your partner isn’t in the mood, and if your sex drive is high then you will want a release at some point.Take complaining and being negative for instance; if you’ve worked in Mental Health as I have for over ten years then you’ll understand that people can get addicted to complaining and being negative.I mean I don’t think anyone actively seeks out to exist like this, but those behaviours release certain hormones into the body, that the feeling of them can become addictive.As soon as I researched my behaviours and the effect it had on me the less likely I was incentivized to watch porn. Yourself, or whoever it is that’s struggling with porn addiction.The first thing we do as addicts when we know and understand that what we have is problematic is that we judge ourselves harshly but don’t stop the act, creating a real downward spiral of shame and self-hatred.

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