Taylor hicks dating game

So to be seen out in public with this girl makes me know that he likes her, because that's just how he is." Hicks played the Pabst Theater in March, but doesn't have any scheduled gigs soon in Wisconsin.

The show follows a family of jellyfish and their adopted human son, 16-year-old Cornell.

That said, we were a bit perplexed when the "Milwaukee Talks" interview that managing editor Bobby Tanzilo did with Lyders back in November began to receive unusually heavy traffic during the recent holiday weekend. Lyders, the co-anchor of the weekday edition of WISN "12 News This Morning," has been romantically linked to singer Taylor Hicks, who became an international star after his victory on "American Idol" last year.

The entertainment blogosphere was abuzz after what appeared to be photos of Lyders and Hicks lounging and canoodling on a beach in Hawaii were published on sites like and

I went totally white when I had to stay in it,” he cracked.

On the latest season: Winner “Laine Hardy has the tools to be successful.

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