Strip cams with no sign up

Halide now makes it simple to remove location data from the photo with the flip of a new toggle switch.

And it can aid you with limiting the location sharing with Facebook, Instagram and Whats App, too.

It's likely that competition will eventually make an appearance with expanded Smart functionality, granted, so this does seem like an area NZXT may want to focus efforts for the first patches. The beauty of Hue is the fact it works hand-in-hand with NZXT’s CAM software.

There are pre-defined themes and animations available and there are even advanced options to modify the colour if the CPU/GPU reaches a specific temperature mark; this is quite a handy and innovative feature to have available.

“Considering we don’t pursue growth tactics like emails or push notifications, we’re incredibly proud of this,” says Sandofsky of the usage.

“We think we’ve solved a genuine need for many people,” he adds.

This made the app a great option for casual photographers and pros alike.

Users can now scroll through a grid of their shots, then flip back to the camera to snap more.The company isn’t talking about download numbers, but says its app is now being used by over 100,000 people on a monthly basis, according to Apple’s opt-in analytics.(Halide doesn’t use third-party tracking.) That’s fairly decent number for a paid application serving the more niche pro consumer crowd.Most of the things I'd like to see – like integration with games or more hardware monitoring – are added via firmware going forward and, frankly, aren't all that important as immediate features.They're shiny extras, in the same way that the HUE is a shiny extra.

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