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“No girls were surfing in the village at that time,” Sanjaya told me over the phone recently.

“My brother is the number one surfer in Sri Lanka and my father is also a good surfer.

On April 21, 2019, several explosions occurred at different locations, including hotels and churches, in the greater Colombo area and Batticaloa.

The Sri Lankan military continues to maintain a strong presence in the country’s North and East, including the Jaffna Peninsula.

Shamali Sanjaya, a confident, 30-year-old mother and surfer from the small Sri Lankan town of Arugam Bay, serves as the president of the country’s first all-female surf club.

She leads group meetings, organizes beach cleanups and coordinates surf trips for the small-yet-growing group of 17 local women surfers.

Some girls actually dropped out because they were scared of what would happen to my family.” Over the following few years, the village slowly started supporting the women, and according to both Sanjaya and Carothers, surfing began having an obvious positive effect on the women in the village.

“A typical woman in Sri Lanka wakes up in the morning, cleans, makes breakfast and she’s cooking and cleaning all day long,” says Carothers.

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