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Belafonte, 91, works with young people and is actively “trying to sort out ways we can bring a better design to the criminal justice system.” Of the special, he reflects, “We’re always looking for some grand display to make our democracy show the better side of itself.

Belafonte premiered Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides, Now” (Judy Collins’s hit version was released later in the year).

“It was great visually,” Binder says, “but it didn’t feel like they connected.

After a few takes, I told Petula to try one where she walks downstage to Harry’s side.

We were nonplussed as to what was the problem.” NBC, alerted to the controversy, called Binder to say the network would back him (“That was a great phone call to get,” he says).

With that, Binder and Wolff rushed to the studio basement to confront the editor and order him to keep the take where Clark touched Belafonte’s arm—and to erase the others so they could not be used in the broadcast.

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