Slackware package updating

Slack Grade is a utility that allows Slackware Linux users to keep the system always up to date with the latest offcial packages available in the main Slackware distribution sources on the web, by listing, downloading and upgrading its with ease, in just a few mouse clicks, through a nice X-based wizard like interface.- slackgrade's sourceforge project page - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Version 0.0.2a1 is an urgent release that corrects a problem experienced by some users that freeze and/or gives an "Unable to load server settings" message when running Slackware10 with updated kernel-2.4.27 and glibc-2.3.2/2.3.3 No other changes in this urgent release to avoid interferences with the current (unreleased) development tree. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - stand-alone x86 binary: slackware package - (wx GTK 2.4.2 static linked) slackgrade-0.0.2exp1-i486-2- source tarball - (applies to both, stand-alone and embedded modes) slackgrade-0.0.2exp1gz ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- choosing the update action selecting Slackware distribution source getting new packages list listing newest packages downloading new packages ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- XPKGTOOL, since the 0.0.8a release, includes an embedded version of Slack Grade, that runs as a built-in component.

If you are comfortable with Debian-style Linux distros, prepare to be uncomfortable. Note that there is *not* any guarantee that you will be redirected to an https mirror.However, the package md5 sums and gpg signatures are (intended to be) served directly from this site, so you should have an added layer of trust that the content of those files was not modified in transit if you use https instead.Swaret is an open source project that aims to keep various versions of Slackware up-to-date.I use Swaret and some cron scripts to keep my servers current automatically.

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