Sirius updating channels stuck

Any suggestions on what the issue is and how to fix it?

A few of our listeners who have specific types of radios may experience minor technical issues once these channel additions and adjustments are completed.

If you are parked in an underground garage, you should receive a signal after leaving the garage.

Make sure the Sirius XM antenna cable is firmly and securely plugged into the cradle.

Instead of displaying 4 pages of 4 pre-set channels...

Hello- My Dart has been working great since I got it about a month ago.

sirius updating channels stuck-48

Other potential issues and troubleshooting tips are provided below.If Sirius was unable to repair this by doing a "hit" on the radio, then this is going to be an internal radio issue or satellite receiver issue and will need to be repaired or replaced.Sirius radio updated their system ,and when I turned on my radio, the day after the update, I lost my 'pre-set view'.If you don't get it, you can go to Sirius and have it resend the signal.Just now I go on the website and sign up through the site and hit the "send activation signal".

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