Sienna miller dating kanye west 497 online dating bible only 10 copies sold

However, Sienna claims that she has another man in her life.

"I am in love with someone but not Puff Daddy," Miller said.

Earlier in the week, it was a star-studded front row at Mulberry, where Kate Moss sat alongside Kristen Stewart.

So now that it's actually happening, that there's a real show with invitations and proper PR and a Paris Fashion Week time slot, people are ! She told ELLE UK that she's been working with the rapper for four months, "I absolutely love working with him... It's not what everybody would think—he's more dedicated than I am.

Celebrities continue to come out in droves to support designers at London Fashion Week.

Kanye West and Sienna Miller caused a paparazzi scrum at Burberry Prorsum.

Milan fashion week started yesterday but there are so many things set to happen in Paris—Dior! —that it's hard not to be impatient for the final leg of fashion month.

There may be nothing left to debate on the Marc Jacobs to Dior rumors, but there's still plenty of gossip swirling around Kanye West's runway debut.

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