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Ss SSf SS* Fl REPR Dur " SCHOOL OF APPLIED ART (Founded 1899) BIS Fine Art Building BATTLE CREEK. And when that day came John Hart and Wal- lace River would be known the "world over. THE RAILROAD MAN'S MAGAZINE CONTENTS FOR JANUARY SERIALS. He was John Hart, who when a young man was a good deal of a hero among his neighbors. Farmers came from miles around to see his overbalancing wheel, which didn't quite go, but would some day. Learn to make life worth living as only his inspired life and words can teach Send $ 1 .00 For These Great Books ACTOR-PLAYWRIGHT, Poet-Priest, Orator, Lover of Humanity— Father Vaughan was one of the most marvelous men of the age. Since his death last May, requests have been pour- ing" in for copies of his lectures and plays. am very glad to learn that you are going 1 to publish a collection of Father Vaughan *s speeches. If you don't like the report you get, keep your cash at home. Pages 2 and 3 tell about managing businesses great and small; pages 4 and 5 deal with credits, collections and with rock-bottom purchasing: pages 6 and 7 with handling and training men : pages 7 to XI with salesmanship, « iih advertising, with the marketing ol goods through salesmen, dealers and by mail ; pages 12 to IS with the great problem of securing the highest market price for your sen-Ices— no matter what your line ; and the last page tells how you may get a complete set — bound in handsome half morocco, contents in colors — for less than your daily smoke or shave, almost as little as your daily newspaper. From this weight ran a cord over little pulleys to the jointed arm of the spoke next but one behind it. Write for " Other People's Opinions " and Table of Contents. Our students earn at least 0.00 per month before graduating. Learn to be great in your life and your influence as he was. His wonderful voice thrilled his hearers with a call to the best within them— stirring thousands to the better life. I'm so eager to have you try this smoke that I'll send you a sample box of 12 free along with an order for my Pauatelas, because you'll buy tlieni again. If you want to know who I am and whether or not I run my business on the square, if 3-011 have any doubts as to my making good if my cigars don't, just inquire from any bank or commercial agency about me. New York Make checks payable to Edwin Cigar Co Will You Acce pt This Business Book if We Send it Free? —Selling Plans —Handling Customers —Office Systems — Short - cuts and Methods for every line and department A 9,059-word booklet has been published describing, explaining, picturing the work. Just before reaching the joint on each spoke a rectangular frame was fast- ened, and inside, the frame a sliding weight.This knowledge does not come intelli- gently of itself, nor correctly from ordinary- everyday sources. \Valli., imparts In a clear, wholesome way, in one volume : Knowledge a Young Man Should Have. Consequently, rea- soned Captain Sieigh, the wheel must necessarily revolve. These handsome volumes are being published to meet this rapidly growing demand. Send attached coupon and SI .00 for tirst pay- ment. Liberal discounts will be made for cash with order. His lectures and speeches are full of wisdom and eloquence, and I want a copy of "Life and Works of Father Vaughan" as soon as it is ol F. Actual Size Illustrated Price List sent on request Morton R. //7//.« read the book i/tve send il Jreet Send no money. —The System Co., 151-153 Wabash Ave., Chicago— If there are, in your books, any new ways to increase my business or my salary. For example: If the spokes were num- bered, the sliding weight on number one would connect by cord with the hinged arm of number three.

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A, LEARN Be a Salesman Earn 00.00 to 00.00 per year. Fifteen yaansncc VMful work for ni-wapa- per* ami majcazhiea ipulillen me to tench you. " OPEN Read and study the noble philosophy of Father Vaughan and learn the secret of his wonderful power over men. Better to borrow ttie hci- uitl cash and know how much you have to pay for the accommodation j but It ll bet ler still to practice self-denial and so without the thine you want till you have the cash to pay for It." "All the losses of the merchants who clve credit are made Kant) 'W "'e people who pay." "The merchant who elves credit Is ant in busi- ness for his health any more than the pawn- broker la." Among ray 35 different brands I have an " in-between " smoke called "Old Fashioned Havana Smokers." I want you to be on smoking terms with them, because they are just the thing you want when yon don't want a big cigar. One hundred and twelve of ihe world's maslcr business men have written ten books — 2,079 pages — 1,407 vital business secrets, ideas, methods. 241-1-10 Name Address - Business , Position ___ Pyrography Send for our Big New 1910 Catalog 64RK-FREE— illustrating hundreds of beautiful uew tbini. 99 $ .40 OUTFIT ONLY Is complete with Bne plati- num point, Doable Action Bulb, anil all otber acces- sories. In 1770 James Ferguson, a distin- guished astronomer, tried to get around this difficulty by reenforcing the weighted arms with sliding weights, which were to control one another through a system of cords and pulleys.

He did not feel so stiff that he could not defend himself, and he threw his words over the wire, hot and direct. In 1S88 John Gamgee, with a plan for getting perpetual motion by means of a machine to be run by inexhaustible am- monia gas, convinced the chief engineer of the United States navy that he had solved the problem, and that the coun- try's war-ships would soon be running without coal. Tripler, organizer of the Tripler Liquid Air Company, with ten million dollars capital and two thou- sand stockholders, was hailed as having solved the problem of perpetual motion with his liquid-air machine.

The line was barely closed when he started to operate. The dots and dashes were hardly distinguishable and the words seemed to be running together. Nobody de- votes his life, like the old - time alche- mists, seeking a way of making gold. But thousands of men are victims even to-day of the riddle of the wheel. One hundred and thirty-five years have passed since the French Academy declared that perpetual motion by means of mechanical arrangement was impos- sible, and the same declaration has be- come an axiom in physics. Last year fifty perpetual-motion inventors, most of them with drawings or models of overbalan- cing wheels, sought the services of one patent agency in New York.

Natural beauty should therefore be promoted by every natural means, and for this purpose there is nothing more effective than the acknowledged beauty soap of six generations. Set of two volumns of 500 pages each, in black silk cloth and gold top, 59.00 per set. number three would connect with the hinged arm of number five, and so on. Draw a horizon- tal line through it, bisecting the center, and the reason becomes clear.

FRANK A Ml 1NSFY COMPANY NEW YORK AND LONDON Beauty From a Society Point of View Natural beauty makes its mark in Society where artificial beauty fails, and Society is right in drawing this distinction. They contain his com- plete works, including "The Power of Love." "The Land of Possibilities," "Sermons From Shakes- peare." his famous play, "A Woman of the West," and others. Books will be shipped at once on five days' approval. Read what WILLIAM JENNINGS BRYAN and CARDINAL SATOLLI say about these books: Lincoln, Neb., August 2H, MOT. The weight on JOHN GAMGEE'S AMMONIA GAS WONDER 600 THE RAILROAD MAN'S MAGAZINE.

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