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The city's also home to "The Premier Alaskan Gay Bar" Mad Myrna's, which hosts inclusive drag and variety shows."It's still a very red state with difficulties," Banker says, "but it is getting better here."Honorable mention: Juneau, which passed anti-discrimination protections in 2016 Arizona cities are kicking ass -- Phoenix and Tempe also have perfect HRC scores -- but Tucson gets the nod here.

As Samantha Allen writes in her book,“the only way for people on the coasts to understand how states such as Mississipppi, Texas and Tennessee are evolving is to stop flying over them and start going to them.

Likewise you might fault Iowa for flipping back to red in 2016 -- but almost no one is pushing harder for broad civil equality than the people of Iowa City.

The trench work for equality is happening in cities most blue-staters couldn't find on a map.

Adding to that, the police have trained business owners to be able to handle all kinds of issues, especially situations that may threaten trans people.

It all makes for a surprisingly well-protected and inviting city; even the US Veterans Administration hosts regular clinic hours for trans servicemembers.

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