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hi, im a crossdresser that wants to take it farther but so far hasnt had much luck finding anyplace close that works with HRT, im pretty fit but try to keep a girlish figure, i like older men, i have blue eyes and weigh around 180lbs, id like to meet friendly like minded people and to someday have a boyfriend who likes me for me, thanks I first realized I was really a girl when I was 3.

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I just got out of a long serious relationship about 6 months ago. I am a very loving person who is looking for someone to have fun with. I am 5'2 115lbs Long light brown hair and baby blue eyes... I enjoy running and I consider myself pretty active. I am 5'9 blonde hair blue eyes with a few extra pounds. I am not small but not huge so no I am not your size 8 or anything I am heavier.I'm looking for someone who's studious, caring, nice, and someone who I can just be myself around. Just because I am blonde doesn't mean I am stuiped. I want to go places in my life and I am looking for the lucky man to go on the ride with me. I am in the process of adopting some children that have lived with me for awhile now and hope to adopt their sister later on too.I started my "boy" blockers for my 12th birthday (the same day Mommy bought me my very first bra and had me start to use sanitary pads when she did.I finally got to go totally full time the day after I got out of high school. Now, thanks to the HRT, I have a very cute figure and an loving my life so much.

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