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Prague is an Eastern metropolis with an enchanting atmosphere that attracts increasing numbers of visitors.

As a tourist guide, one has plenty of sights to show, but obviously MICHELLE’s interests are pointed in a different direct: she is randy for ANDRE and simply abducts him from the rest of the group!

To catch a successor to the throne, a famous writer, or a statesman of high standing in a brothel is certainly a dream of any of them.

But 145 years ago, they would not have got a look-in: Perhaps everybody who …

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Instead, it is quite dilapidated and noisy, and after dusk it is better not to venture there at all. Every day hundreds of drug doses are sold there, and it …However, according to available information, the monthly income of most women is higly above 30 thousand Czech crowns.The average price of sexual services per hour is between 20 CZK, …Read More »Prices for sexual services in Prague clubs decreased and have now been stagnating for a long time.This was proved in an analysis of 2011 by the Prague Metropolitan Police.

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