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See full summary » The problem with "The Last Czars" is that the creators couldn't decide on what they wanted this series to be.So instead of making a decision, they tried everything, and by doing this, they only succeeded in achieving mediocrity. What they did wrong: * You make it into a drama-historical serie or into a docu-serie. You lose all the momentum when you cut to historical narrators who give context to the story.* English accents in a very Russian enviroment doesn't work for me.* Dialogue missed depth.His skill set included stealth, manipulation, superb skills in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat, expert marksmanship and also a talent in several languages.However, Trevelyan continued to harbor resentment towards the British for their perceived betrayal and began plotting his revenge.

They surrendered to the British Army in Austria, believing they would join them and wage war against the Communists.

One of the better B movies that have come out it a while and Slater's best movie in a long time.

Overall, an OK movie that is helped a lot by the casting.

I have to start by saying that even though the cast is very good and full of well known actors this is still a B movie. Normally not my kind of movie this one was entertaining enough to keep me watching and enjoying it.

I didn't watch the trailer before viewing and when it got to the part where it revealed the plot point of being a reality-show type island I almost turned it off.

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