Scott peterson dating website

Peterson had 12 Viagra tablets in his car when he was arrested.

The judge allowed police officers to list the other contents of the overstuffed Mercedes, including survival gear and nearly ,000 in cash, but not the erectile dysfunction cure. Even when polygraph tests are administered, the results are generally inadmissible in court.

"Go f--- yourselves," the lawyer allegedly replied.

[Janet] said Peterson made it clear that kids were not in his future." The first mistress, "Janet," told police that Peterson behaved bizarrely after their relationship ended.Peterson bought four phony college diplomas totaling 7 from an Internet site Dec.16, 2002 -- less than a week before his wife went missing.Tracking dogs found Laci Peterson's scent in areas that suggested she left her home by car, not foot, and had been in her husband's boat. Delucchi barred this particular evidence as "iffy." Jackie Peterson told her son to "deny everything" when talking to detectives, prompting one investigator to conclude his parents "know more about what really happened to Laci Peterson." Investigator Steve Jacobson wrote this report after listening to a phone call Jan.17, 2003, a few days after reports of Peterson's mistress surfaced in the press: "On January 17th Scott receives a voice mail from his mother.

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