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If you can explain the cause of the problem, please do post a comment.

Recently I bumped into an interesting issue with status messages on a Configuration Manager SP1 site.

The following occurs when trying to run a status message query: an error message is displayed indicating “the status viewer was unable to retrieve the stored queries list from the database”.

When closing the initial dialog box 2 more errors are shown and in the end no status message are displayed at all.

The following screenshots show the exact errors: We spent quite some time troubleshooting this issue but nothing on the server or any of the logs was pointing into a direction of a possible cause.

Turns out that to resolve this issue you need to modify the startup type of the SMS Executive and Component Manager Services.

Set the startup type to Delayed Start and then reboot the system after the change.

We tried to get more information from Microsoft Support to better understand the root cause.

In the Set Task Sequence Variable step, select the option to “Do not display this value”.

Get the query from Git Hub, change Package ID to your OSD Package ID” “use “dial_me_in_baby.sms” to turn on all logging very quickly.” “Replace CMTrace with Config Mgr support center.

We tell all our customers that report client issues to collect a set of logs for us with it.

Nothing about the arguments to the stored procedure looked out of place, and in fact matched very closely to stored procedures that ran successfully once the jam in Microsoft Configuration Manager\inboxes\\retry\ was cleared.

I did some Googling and formulated a course of action to restore most of the missing log entries until I had time to troubleshoot the root cause.

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