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If she feels that way, it is likely that what she needs is a friend and not a date. A person, even a child does not belong to their parents.

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Not all children understand this principle, especially if they have friends whose parents allow them to speak disrespectfully to them.Besides it is a lot easier to get to know someone’s family when you aren’t under the pressure of trying to impress them because you are romantically interested in one of them.If you have spent time hanging out working in their garden, playing with their brothers and sisters, talking with their parents you will have a much better idea of who it is you are getting involved with. When it is time to put the tools away and head off to church or nice dinner think of the way they act and dress and are treated.You should have some long and serious discussions about this way in advance.Keep in mind that a person is never truly free to say yes, if they are not also truly free to say no.

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