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If you’re anything like me, once you break up with someone you don’t even want to run into them on Facebook, let alone standing at your kitchen sink.

But, with just the wrong set of circumstances – money problems, stubbornness or a lack of friends and family with pullout couches – it can happen.

They are still together after all these years and have a few more kids together. She left him and moved in with his best mate a week later.

It still makes my hubby angry knowing that his best friend 'dogged' him and to this day, he has serious trust issues with other guys. The 'best mate' also had a kid with my husband's ex girlfriends sister.

its a no go for a good mate or family eg a cousins ex but for a work mate or someone who is only a friend not a mate then go for it you only live once ( a mate = someone that will be there for you & you can call to help dispose of a body ) I wouldnt say it should never be done, as I am sure there are situations where its ok.

It comes down to an individual judgement of the situation, and a weighing up of the risks...

Will the cornflakes continue to be communal property?

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Figure out where you’re each going to sleep and what your new comfort zone is with nudity and physical contact.With some compromise, compassion and maturity, you can make the best of any less-than-ideal situation. Was chatting with friends last night and it became quite the debate, so as the title says, I'd like to gauge peoples opinions of dating a friend's long term ex.I'm of the opinion it's a no go zone as there will always be history there and would not want to possibly lose a friend or cause dramas over something like that.I broke up with my ex around 5 months ago, one of my good mates I've known for 5 years went behind my back and started chatting to her and now they're dating.

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