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p=1) simply go to and change your setting to the “Post Name” option (or any of the others – just choose the one that best works for you).

If you have posts that are now returning a 404 error page, don’t panic (yet) most of the time your posts are still there and you just need to update your permalink settings to fix the issue.

I then did a Ran the upgrade again from the GUI and it worked.

Probably need to change the permissions on most of the folders so they can't be modified by www-data but I'll figure that out tomorrow.

Our Total Word Press theme does this when you use the built-in demo importer, but not every theme can be as awesome as Total.

So if you’ve installed a theme (and it’s sample data) but your site isn’t matching up to the theme demo there are a couple very common reasons why your homepage might look different. This means your theme either does or doesn’t require a home page to be set, and you have your site set to the opposite.

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Once found zip it and upload via Word Press or upload the unzipped folder via FTP.

I couldn't install/delete plugins or themes as well as uploading media would error out. If you are still having this issue, and changing permissions DID NOT fix the problem try this: Go in to your hosting control panel and find your hosting settings, wherever you can edit your scripting settings.

In Plesk (as in my example), this would be under Websites & Domains. On the next screen, where it says "PHP support (run as..." change the dropdown from "Apache module" over to "Fast CGI application". (Re)setting the permissions via ftp didn't make a difference for me either.

You’ve got your theme installed and now you are uploading a sample file the theme developer was so nice to provide you with and yet again you get an error!

The “failed” to import error is usually 1 of 2 things.

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