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Microsoft shut down the division where Smarter Child’s tech resided, and consumer-facing tech companies in general avoided the concept.But over the past few years, chatbots have made a comeback.He argued instead that such machines were just tools, and extensions of the human mind.He further stressed that machines’ understanding of language was entirely dependent on the context in which they were used, and argued that a more general computer understanding of human language was not possible.This was all part of the business plan to provide an intelligent assistant.“Once you have a relationship with someone, that relationship expands in different ways,” says Andy Weissman, one of Active Buddy’s first investors. then you’ll do your web searches through there, then you’ll get your baseball scores.“And so once you have a personal relationship with Smarter Child . It’s an easier way to introduce all these other services, and you always can fall back on how it feels like a relationship with this robot.”But in the early 2000s, building this kind of master intelligence was difficult work.The bots that help teams run more efficiently in Slack aren’t trying to pass as human.

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In 1966, long before Hoffer and his colleagues created Smarter Child, an MIT computer scientist named Joseph Weizenbaum published ELIZA, a program for mimicking human conversation.

Peter Levitan, who served as CEO of Smarter Child’s maker Active Buddy, has said that the chatbot attracted over 30 million users, and at one point accounted for 5% of global instant messenger traffic.

Smarter Child was able to reach so many people because it was built upon the world’s dominant messaging platforms–just as new chatbots are designed to run on Facebook Messenger–and because it was as fast and easy as talking with a friend.

Still, the bots you’re seeing today don’t much resemble Smarter Child and its predecessors—or , for that matter.

The news, weather, shopping, and customer service chatbots on Facebook Messenger don’t want to be your friend.

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