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The keywords, key strings, classifications and search strategies used for a search should evolve with time based on the search results found.A Patent Validity Search or Patent Invalidity Search is an exhaustive Prior Art Search conducted after patent issuance.In such scenarios, searchers can utilize web archive resources like “” to check whether the disclosure is available before the established priority date.Searcher should also keep in mind that every search is different and a single protocol for all searches does not exist.

A searcher in analyzing the claimed features must adopt broadest reasonable interpretation, and may also refer to the file history of the patent in order to identify the novel aspects of the claims.However, one may also consider free databases as they may also provide good results at times.Searchers should also focus on Non-Patent Literature (NPL) as not all examiners rely on them during prosecution.The procedure followed for preforming both these searches is identical to a large extent.However, the terminology and preferences may vary depending whether the search is sought by a patent holder or an alleged infringer.

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