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Visas required for most visitors – check with embassies for exemptions.

Tourist visas from Namibian Ministry of Home Affairs and Namibian embassies abroad.

Entry fees payable when entering from neighbouring countries.

Health & Medical Yellow fever vaccinations for people coming from affected countries.

Various car rental companies at airports and in major cities. Tourism Board registered shuttle operators recommended for tourists.

Climate Coastal areas cool, rain-free mostly, with fog and day temperatures of 15-25C.

The country has good private and public medical and health facilities.

Driving & Local Transport Driving on left hand side of roads – speed limits apply – valid international driver's license required.

Insect repellent, rehydrating solutions or concentrates, diarrhoea medication, malaria prophylaxis (if travelling in malaria areas), bandages, etc.

Traveller's cheques in US dollars or South African Rands.

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