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You're gonna have to accept that if you go this route at least part of the reason she's interested is because of an opportunity to come to America.

Then you have to worry about once she gets permanent will she be out the door or will she stay. My cousin also got a Thai wife and she's stuck around and I love when she comes to family functions because her food is always the best! If you're going to use an agency I recommend checking them out to make sure they are reputable.

Some have just a few of those properties and there may even be some rare treasures who don't possess any of them.

I don't know about an international marriage agency but my dad went to the Philippians to find a wife (after my mom left his ass for good reason lol! They've been together for 10 years now and she does love him.

I got lucky, but I've seen more guys fail than I could count.

Guest Post by Jon Muller | Updated February 20, 2018 — AM EDT There are many reasons to search for a love abroad.Beside all that, if you find the right one, filipinas are the best partners you can have.It's just damn hard, nowadays, to find a good one.Some are tired of the relationships in their home country, others feel uncomfortable with their native culture and local traditions, or just want to change the way they live and love.Or maybe someone temporarily lives in another country, as I was.

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