Polyamorous dating chicago

We still love many of the people that have been part of that group, we're still friends with many, but we can't be a part of a group that requires a gender balance or for that matter, an age discrimination policy.

It's not supposed to be a dating or meat market group (they say so in the application process or did at some point), but the gender balance points to that as a motivation. My husband was booted from the PU40 group 3 days after signing up.

I, on the other hand, have been receiving group event invites for over a year despite the fact that I've never been active in the community.

Using a throwaway here, since I've previously been threatened with a lawsuit from the owner of PU40...

About a year ago I had the last in a series of many negative experiences with the "poly under forty" group and quit going to events and meetings. I've had great luck building a circle of like-minded friends out of former/current partners met through okcupid. I tried to join and they said they wouldn't take me because they want a ratio of men to women. This was pretty recent so, no, it was not the 'old leader.' Polyamory is openly, honestly, and consensually loving and being committed to more than one person.In fact, there's a lot of discussions that are frowned upon, given that this is a group that is supposed to value open and honest communication.These is a very large community of poly folks in Chicago that have been exiled from PU40 and associated groups. If you google Chicago Polyamory, and ignore anything that has the OP image on it, you're bound to stumble on a few.I've been to two of their "poly masquerade" parties which, to be fair, were pretty wonderful. However, my wife was accepted into the group no questions asked, no strings attached.I however was denied under the "too high of a ratio guys/gals" policy they apparently have.

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