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Empathy is a must have skill for every customer support professional.

If you can empathise with a customer’s situation by putting yourself in their place then you’re more likely to have a good outcome.

Aim for an average wait time of less than 20 seconds. Approach the chat with a confident and cheerful mood because happy minds help deliver a happy customer experience.

Once you’ve accepted the chat, the first thing to do is greet the customer professionally and courteously.

If customer has multiple queries then the best way is to answer them one at a time after the customer has finished typing.

Imagine if the customer on the chat is irate or needs help urgently.

It wouldn’t be a good start to the chat if they have already been on hold for too long. Once you have accepted the chat request, forget all your worries, tune out all your negative energy, stop the chatting with your colleagues and give the customer your complete attention.

If probing is not done correctly or if incorrect assumptions are made by the agent then the chat can stretch unnecessarily and create a frustrating experience for the customer.

If in doubt, then it is always better to discuss with the customer what you have understood and check you are on same page as the customer before offering any solutions.

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