Patrick kane dating 2016

Who cares if she’s pretty if she treats people like crap? She can be very pretty and also have had work done. And yes while workout classes and expensive clothes CAN be gotten by people, not everyone can afford private trainers, Botox etc. I am happy they are still together Cz I like her just also don't need to pretend that she hasn't benefited as well from access to things to keep her looking pretty (this goes for almost all the WAGs) Who knows, maybe she had other plans or maybe, since JT was a groomsman and was going to be busy the whole weekend she decided not to go since she would be spending most of the time alone. The wedding was on Friday and most guests had left Minny on Saturday morning. Who knows but starting speculations again is pointless since we know they were together just days before she went to Portugal (at Lolla and LV tagged JT in a pic she posted this past friday). Then within a month of her “I’m proud of the woman I am, love others & yourself” post she’s recorded mocking a sleeping woman in public with her BFF!! Not the original poster but both points can be true.Talking about his international player, he represents the England national football team.Besides this, he is also the Premier League Golden Boot award winner in 2016.

Currently, he is also the top goal scorer of Europe with 56 goals and has scored eight hat-tricks in a single calendar year.

Or maybe they were on a break and got back together before the Crawford wedding. It does look like at least LV is still living in their appartment based on the pic she posted yesterday.

However, he is in a beautiful relationship with Katie Goodland.

Harry Kane is a British professional football player.

Currently, he plays for the Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur.

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