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This primetime working spot is wired to also make it the perfect charging station for your phone or tablet.

Seated or standing, this is the kind of desk creative workers around the globe are desperately in need of.

In the enigmatic beauty of Maeterlinck’s symbolist drama, the composer perceived the theatrical counterpart to his musical ambitions.

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Des soirées speeddating à Paris pour des rencontres en toute liberté.

On the denuded stage of the Opéra Bastille, Bob Wilson’s production illuminates the obscure souls of the lovers, throwing their images into relief and fixing the negatives on the dazzled retinas of the audience.

The invention of the cell phone has become one of society’s modern miracles.

Here is what my not-very-romantic, but very informative speed-dating experience taught me about the French design trends that are on the rise right now.

It might sound counter-intuitive, but Tedzukuri Atelier makes lighting that is easy to throw away.

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