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Democracy must be a living, breathing and, yes, uncomfortable thing, not a black-and-white photo for the pretend-democrats who rule over us to get emotional about even as they seek to undermine our democratic choices in the 21st century. Follow him on Instagram: @burntoakboy (1) See Democratic Ideas and the British Labour Movement, Logie Barrow, Cambridge University Press, 2008 Picture by: Wikimedia Commons. schweigt, er möchte sich nicht zu den Vorwürfen äußern - das übernimmt sein Anwalt für ihn.Such elitist prejudices were expressed in the run-up to 1918, too, if in a sometimes more underhand way.

Today is the hundredth anniversary of the Representation of the People Act, which granted working-class men and women over 30 the vote.This is the strangeness and hollowness of today’s celebrations: they are spearheaded by the kind of MPs and columnists who often repeat the anti-democratic prejudices of those who agitated against The Vote.They pay lip service to this democratic breakthrough while living in dread of its impact: the empowerment of ordinary men and women to decide the fate of the nation.Don’t buy into the BBC-led, Labour-cheered national celebration of The Vote today, for it is being pushed by people who harbour the same ugly, pleb-allergic prejudices that animated those who opposed universal male suffrage and partial female suffrage 100 years ago.Indeed, we might need to rethink the dictionary definition of the word ‘chutzpah’.

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