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This site also offers a contact page if you'd like to get in touch, as well as an easy way to connect to their Facebook support page.

Lush Stories is a short story forum where writers can post fiction or nonfiction stories about women who are interested in other women.

Reading erotic or nonerotic lesbian stories is a way to discover new interests or explore a fantasy.

If you find a writer whose work you enjoy on one of the sites, a quick search for their name in a search engine may yield more stories on other sites.

Readers can vote for their favorite pieces, and see a word count before choosing to read something.

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If you're overwhelmed by the number of choices, you can click on the story spinner found at the top of the page to have the site choose a random read for you.A Late Life Lesbian Story is a website that shares many true stories about individuals who identify as lesbian.This site features mostly emotional and romantic based stories that have been submitted to the blog writer and compiled into categories.Categories are organized alphabetically, and the site is very easy to navigate and search.Short story categories include: This site is easy to navigate, allows the reader to submit their own short story and comment on other authors' pieces.

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